Thursday, March 01, 2012


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Moving. The book is written in simple, yet elegant, prose. Poetic at points. It takes place during the 1600s when Japan was in its early stages of being Christianized. At the height of its growth there were about 300,000 Christians in Japan at this time. Early in that century, several Japanese rulers turned against the Christians and started a devastating persecution.

In this setting, the story follows two priests who come to Japan searching for another priest who is reported to have apostatized because of this time of persecution.

The story considers the question of why does God remain silent while His people are murdered. Why all this silence? It also deals with the question of what should Christians do with those who have apostatized. How do Christians welcome them back? What does God do with these Christians? If at Calvary we all abandoned God and apostatized, how does apostasy work now? Also, in what way do we share in Christ's sufferings and in what way does His suffering transcend ours?

Overall, well worth the read.

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